Contract Distilling - Recipe Design

We have worked hard to perfect multiple award-winning techniques, using the most vibrant and flavoursome ingredients from ethical sources for your contract distilling needs. We work creatively with our clients and suppliers to reliably deliver outstanding spirits from concept to shelf. If you have specific requirements or requests for your contract distilling project, we are happy to work to your individual needs.

We work with brand owners, existing distilleries, dreamers and farmers looking for agricultural diversification by expanding their portfolios and using their raw materials in a new way.

  • Botanicals, Fruits & Grains

    All our raw materials and botanicals for contract recipes are sourced from ethical and sustainable producers. We select for flavour intensity and freshness, which create higher quality, more flavoursome distilled spirits.

  • Flavour Profile & Target Audience

    We work with you to develop a clear flavour profile for your contract spirit, inspired by your brief and research into the specific target market. We use our industry leading expertise to ensure your product is a success.

  • Creating Your Recipe

    Our Head Distiller will help you formulate a liquid design brief, which provides a clear concept and direction for your custom spirit. We make everything with scaleability in mind. In short - if it is alcoholic, we've probably made it!

Bespoke Recipe Design & Contract Distilling under one roof

Bespoke contract distilling is a fantastic service for clients who have a concept, and need some expert guidance to realise their ideas. Our knowledgeable team is on hand to assist you in designing and developing your unique spirit into a delicious product.

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  • Using Your Raw Materials

    We offer distilling services for a wide variety of raw materials, including:

    fruit, grain, corn, cider, beer, grapes and pomace, potatoes, sugar cane and molasses, and many more surplus produce.

  • Developing Your Product

    After an in-depth consultation and exploration of options, we work with you to develop a clear flavour profile for your contract spirit or liqueur, inspired by your brief and research into the specific target market.

  • Recipe & Final Product

    Your recipe is finalised and goes through our quality control panel with full transparency. You retain ownership of the recipe and process, and we provide support and advice throughout. We want to succeed, together.

Agricultural Diversification

We are here to help you make the most of good harvests, and extend your produce into a new category with no sell-by date.

We work alongside farmers and producers on many different levels to produce spirits from soft fruit, top fruit, arable crops, vegetables, whey and anything else you can imagine. We are also able to create liqueurs, ready to drink and low alcohol products from your raw materials.

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