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Pleasant Land Distillery

Eve Vodka

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An exceedingly smooth, crisp, and fresh contemporary vodka made from scratch with 100% English apples. Fermented with Champagne yeast, before undergoing 22 distillations for purity. A fantastic sipping spirit, and a beautifully textured vodka to elevate cocktail serves. 

Nose: Aromas of crisp red apple, citrus and cereal, with hints of juicy plum.
Palate: Rich, round texture and a dry, crisp palate enhanced by the natural character of the apples. 
Finish: Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream. 

A balanced recipe of heritage apple varieties, including Kent Gala and Braeburn apples, are fermented and distilled as a traditional vodka with a naturally light nature and delicate fruit notes. 

Each bottle contains 16kg of apples.


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