"The Illuminated Distillers"

We offer contract distilling and bespoke spirit creation for a wide variety of spirits, including: whiskey/whisky, vodka, gin, fruit spirits, liqueurs, brandy, rum, vermouth and many more.

Small batch contract distilling services with a minimum run of 1000 bottles, up to 50,000+.

Contract distilling cost: our pricing starts from £5.00 per litre, £4.00 per bottle.

Our distillery in the South East of England is powered using 100% renewable energy, with excellent transport links to London and the rest of the UK.

  • Contract Distilling

    We offer a complete contract distilling service, with a minimum run of 1000 bottles up to 50,000+

    Our Services 
  • Spirits Bottling

    Spirits bottling services with a minimum run of 1000 bottles.
    We also offer bottle sourcing services for our clients.

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  • Spirits Bottle Labelling

    Spirit and liqueur bottle labelling with a miniumum run of 1000 bottles. We also offer label design services.

  • Bespoke Spirits Recipe Development

    Custom spirit recipe creation and development, tailored to your individual brief.

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  • Bottle Design & Packaging

    Complete design service available including bottle sourcing, label designs and packaging solutions.

  • Bonded Storage & Logistics

    We offer bonded storage at £15 per pallet per week, and logistics solutions for spirits deliveries.

  • Cask Sourcing & Maturation

    Alongside bonded storage, we can offer cask sourcing and local maturation services for our clients.

  • Blending, Filtering & Corrections

    We offer precision blending with an in-house quaity control team and state of the art equipment to get the product ready for market.

  • Consultation

    We are always happy to offer advice on your projects, and can provide industry expertise on strategy, brand development, logistics and quality.

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Our Expertise

Head Distiller and Founder, Sebastian, is our contract distilling expert, and a trained WSET educator. An award-winning creator of smooth, high quality spirits refined in both flavour and technique, with over 20 internationally awarded recipes since 2020.

Our custom built distillery incorporates state of the art equipment built in partnership with Müller Brennereianlagen. This specialist equipment combined with years of experience allows us to offer unique contract distilling opportunities for our clients.

  • Whiskey

    Situated on 900 acres of arable crop with mills, mash vessel, and whiskey stills; we can make a variety of styles including single malt, bourbon and blends.

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  • Rum

    In high demand, we are one of the few distilleries able to distil rum from scratch. With ageing available on site, we are able to source and spice rums to recipe.

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  • Vodka

    With our custom designed column still we are able to ferment and distil outstanding quality vodka from a variety of different raw materials.

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  • Gin

    At our fingertips we have access to a huge variety of the finest quality botanicals and neutral spirits, grown locally and sourced ethically from around the world.

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  • Brandy

    A rising star in the English drinks business made from wine or fruits; we can ferment, distil, source casks and mature for you under one roof.

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  • Liqueurs

    With a library of modern and ancient recipes to draw from Cassis to Chambord, Green Walnut to Grape Skins; we make it all.

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  • Fruit Spirits

    With specialist equipment designed for high end fruit spirits, we take your fruits and concept to deliver a flavourful, smooth and complex eau de vie.

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  • Vermouth & Herb Spirits

    We have unparalleled access to English and world wines and outstanding quality herbs and spices. Blending and maceration on site.

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  • Wine & Champagne Products

    Leftover grape skins, marc, lees and hard pressings are all valuable products, which can be distilled to something delicious.

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We operate from our state of the art, sustainably-powered distillery in Aldington, in South East Kent. Designed to work as a circular economy with the surrounding farm, our distillery has almost zero output of waste, and uses 100% renewable energy.

Based five minutes from the M20, we are conveniently located for any transport and distribution, and we can accept large-scale deliveries to our site.

We are surrounded by 900 acres of arable land, which produces a number of our raw materials that can be used for contract projects.

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