Great Taste Awards 2023

"Fresh, vibrant aroma with distinct notes of orange peel, juniper and coriander. A pleasing balance of sweet orange, savoury seaweed and woody herb gives a complex but harmonious result with the hint of salt enhancing the flavours. A lovely clean finish with sweet floral notes.

The saline quality of the gin really shines when tonic is added. Juniper forward, with clever use of citrus, this is both innovative and artisanal. Delicious."

The Spectator - "The Restorative Qualities of a Great Martini"

"They say that White Cliffs gin, Pleasant Land’s staple product, tastes of freshness and country air. My palate concurred. The distillery makes a sound dry martini too, that vital restorative if the blood alcohol level ever falls to a dangerous low. But it also produces vodka, amaretto and eaux de vie, and is working on an apple brandy – Kentish apples, of course"

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Written by Bruce Anderson, 22 April 2023

Inside Kent - "Inside the Distillery, Pleasant Land"

"It is the unpredictable course of life that often leads us to our true calling, an unexplored path that could never have been planned even if we tried – this was the case for Sebastian Barnick, co-founder of Kent’s newest purveyor of fine spirits, Pleasant Land Distillery."

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Written by InsideKent, 21 Feb 2023

Sustainable contract distillery services

Folkelife - "A Green and Pleasant Land"

“What we’re doing here is exciting and I’m really passionate about our work.  I want to share the methods we use, particularly in being sustainable.  As for our products going national?  Well, I think the beauty is in the locality of our product. We sell in Folkestone and Sandgate and quite a few other places along the coast.   White Cliffs Gin is inherently tied to a sense of place.

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