Spirits Production

Our minimum order starts from a small batch distillation of 600 bottles, or 1 pallet.

Contract distilling lead time is typically 1-6 weeks depending on the project.

We are conveniently located just off the M20 in Aldington, Kent.

Our Stills

A distillery is only as good as its equipment, and years of planning and designing a bespoke water and cooling system means we are able to produce a wide selection of incredible spirits. Our equipment is tailored to the different distilling processes for each spirit - nerd out about our incredible equipment below!

Sustainable contract distillery services


Our gorgeous copper pot still, built by hand in the Black Forest in Germany, has been in the industry longer than most of our staff! She comes with a patented column design to maximise copper contact, producing beautifully light, complex spirits. She also comes with a vapour basket, to infuse the lightest botanicals. The majority of our recipe development, gin production and fruit distillations are made by Brunhilde.

The Mary Ellen Carter

The big mama of our team, Mary Ellen has come all the way from America with a capacity of 1200 litres. She devours all our wash with ease, conducting stripping runs with great efficiency. Her copper head and stainless steel body allow the spirit to remain smooth whilst ensuring the spent stillage is safely enjoyed by our resident farm animals.

Long, Tall Sally

Working alongside the Mary Ellen, our impressive 20-plate column enables us to produce outstanding quality vodka and light rums. Our highly rectified spirits are produced beautifully on our long, tall Sally.

What spirits do we make?

We offer contract distilling for a wide variety of spirits, including: vodka, gin, fruit spirits, liqueurs, brandy, rum, vermouth and many more.

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