We offer expert contract rum distilling to established and new brands. We design and produce rum products made from scratch in the UK, and improve existing brand recipes for a specific niche in the market. Rum distilling is a specialist process, requiring detailed knowledge of fermentation, yeasts, and distillation techniques in order to achieve a high-quality, stylistically appropriate and flavoursome rum.

Discover our contract rum distilling process, and how we work alongside our clients to produce exceptional products.

What type of rums can we produce?

We specialise in producing British rums from scratch using fresh sugarcane or cane molasses. Using our partners around the world we can also source a wide variety of different rums for your project, for blending or ageing. In house, we produce:

- High-ester Jamaican style rum
- Herbacious Agricole style rum
- Light and fruit Latin American style rum
- Rich, cask matured rum
- Elegantly spiced or dark rums

Initial Consultation for Contract Rum Production

Our first stage of producing a contract rum with our clients is to decide on a clear flavour profile and style. We provide a free initial consultation to discuss your product needs, and offer our expertise and guidance on production and how to achieve the best flavour for your product.

With our versatile distilling equipment we can create a wide variety of rum styles, from rich pot distilled rum through to light, column distilled rum, and everything inbetween.

Sourcing Raw Materials

We can source a broad selection of sugar cane and molasses with which to create your rum, depending on your brand placement in the market and target price bracket.

We can source raw sugar cane or quality molasses to produce a rum from scratch, or we can source a variety of rums of different styles for blending or maturation.

Fermenting and Distilling Your Rum

Fermentation and distillation processes are all designed bespoke for your product. These processes will be designed in alignment with your liquid and product requirements, taking into consideration stylistic preferences and any ageing that will take place after distillation.

We share tasting samples of your distilled product once the final run is completed, and if your rum is being aged we offer taste samples of your product as required throughout the maturation process - try not to drink it all at once!

Bottling, Bonded Storage & Shipping

After production of your rum, we offer full bottling and labelling services to prepare your product for sale. Pricing is dependent on complexity of bottle and label design, and will be discussed and agreed prior to production.

If required, we offer in-house barrel maturation of your rum in our bonded warehouse. Working with an array of cooperages across the world, we can source almost any type of barrel to meet the needs of your project.

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