We are an expert contract distillery offering custom whisky /whiskey recipe design, purchasing, and full production services in the UK. We work with all clients - whisk(e)y enthusiasts to create their dream liquid, established brands to develop new products, and start-up distilleries who don't yet have the capacity to produce. We specialise in whiskey recipe creation and process design for scaleable production, and also offer casks of our own whiskey for private purchase.

We create individual whiskey recipes for our clients inspired by the styles and flavour profile required, and offer full whisky production from raw material sourcing, fermentation, distilling, blending, bottling and cask maturation. Also to note - we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of traditional products, and love to work on new styles and expressions of these classic raw materials, incorporating distilling techniques from around the world.

What styles of whisk(e)y can we produce?

Whisk(e)y is now produced all over the world in a wide variety of styles, and we have worked with both established and new brands to design and produce many different styles of whisk(e)y.

We can produce a wide variety of whisk(e)y styles, including:

- Single malt
- New make
- Wheat, barley, heritage grains, rye, oat or corn whisk(e)y in any combination
- Blended whisk(e)ys
- American-style 'on the grain' whiskey

Contract Whisky / Whiskey Distilling

Our first stage of producing a contract whisky / contract whiskey with our clients is to decide on a clear flavour profile and style. We provide a free initial consultation to discuss your product needs, and offer our expertise and guidance on production and how to achieve the best flavour for your product.

With our versatile distilling equipment we can create a wide variety of whisk(e)y styles, from Scotch to 'on the grain' Bourbon style, to triple distilled Irish style.

Raw Material Sourcing for Whisk(e)y

We can source a broad selection of grains with which to create your whisky/whiskey, depending on your brand placement in the market and target price bracket.

We can source barley, rye, wheat and corn from responsible sources, and are experienced in processing all of these grains to create high-quality spirits, true to their origins.

Whisk(e)y Production & Maturation Process

Fermentation and distillation processes are all bespoke for your product. These processes will be designed in alignment with your liquid and product requirements, taking into consideration stylistic preferences and type of barrels selected for maturation. If required we can source most barrels, including: sherry, bourbon, port, wine, STR and refill.

We share tasting samples of your distilled product once the final run is completed, and we offer taste samples of your product as required throughout the maturation process.

Bottling, Bonded Storage & Shipping

After production of your whisk(e)y, we offer full bottling and labelling services to prepare your product for sale. Pricing is dependent on complexity of bottle and label design, and will be discussed and agreed prior to production.

If required, we offer in-house barrel maturation of your whisk(e)y in our bonded warehouse. Working with an array of cooperages across the world, we can source almost any type of barrel to meet the needs of your project.

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